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Top 14 Reasons why you should consult us about your estate planning needs:

Estate distributions can be seriously depleted for any one or more of the following reasons: 

1. Estate taxation erodes values. We can help. 

2. Beneficiaries can quickly squander their inheritance. We can help you decide what kind of trust is the right one for your particular needs. 

3. Beneficiaries sometimes invest unwisely. 

4. Conflicts among heirs can increase legal costs. 

5. Avoid lifetime conflicts about assets among children when Mom or Dad are infirm. 

6. Heavy income taxation where IRA or other IRD items (income in respect of a decedent) are distributed in a single tax year. 

7. Significant amounts of assets are left to aging heirs, exposing these assets to a second round of estate taxes in a short period of time. 

8. Limited or no lifetime transfers are made, even though a substantial estate tax is anticipated (illiquid or low yielding assets may cause the testator to feel the need to keep it all). 

9. Assets are held (titled) in a tax-inefficient manner, e.g., life insurance owned by the insured or made payable to the estate. 

10. No provisions are made for the testator’s charitable interests…no use of the unlimited charitable estate tax deduction. 

11. No flexibility is provided in the will/trust via disclaimers, contingent beneficiary arrangements, split interest gifts, etc. 

12. Isolated planning — there is no thinking beyond a single generation, no coordinated plan to distribute wealth over time among several generations. 

13. Over-simplistic thinking… All or nothing transfers…no deferral… no distinction is made between ownership of an asset and the use of, or income from, an asset. 

14. There is a second marriage but the testator wants to be fair to all (current spouse and his kids), and does not know how. 

If any of these items fit the bill, then call us, so we can help you help yourself and your family. 
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